Success through Cooperation


Development and refinement of modular in-class, on-line,

and hybrid renewable energy curricula integrated into degree pathways.

New Solar PV Sales Curriculum


Professional Development

Implementation of a technical teacher professional
development program in renewable energy that will allow current and future teachers for community colleges and high schools to acquire the technical knowledge and pedagogical skills to teach renewable energy in their classrooms.


Materials available for download on the CREATE website.
Dissemination of both the products and the partnership process to maximize the impact both regionally and nationally.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy which comes from natural

resources such as biomass, hydropower, geothermal, wind, and solar. Learn about our new Internationa U.S. Renewable Energy Learning Exhange Network.


  • “The skills learned allow me to focus on what is most important -- student learning. For example, checking students understanding at the formative stage transformed my teaching from reactive to a more proactive. I have noticed a significant increase in course retention, and success after my exposure to the workshops.”

    Joe Gerda
  • "The CREATE Renewable Energy Grant is providing the opportunity for the HVAC/R program at Oxnard College to offer credit education in energy auditing and energy management systems which will make the HVAC/R technician more valuable in the industry and provide more efficient use of energy resources."

    Alex Lynch