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When Technology Meets Social Interaction: Identity Issues?

The technological intervention in almost every aspect of human’s life has been our biggest concern in this century. Since its spectacular introduction back then in the beginning of the twenty-first century and its massive developments after that, it is quite safe to say that today the technology has been getting in our way and bringing a drastic change to the way how the society conducts their life. Borderless interaction is one of the impacts that the new advance has for its users.

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The solid manifestation of the borderless interaction comes in the form of social media with all its features that allow the users to interact with literally anyone in every part of the globe without space and time limit.

Identity Issues

a person holding a cup of coffee in front of a laptop screenThe application of the new interaction is not without any problem as it becomes the latest platform for many never-existed-before crimes. Tracking those crimes down means digging deep into its root, and it is saddening to say that identity has been the central cause of such problems. The first thing to note is that the virtual life is utterly different from the real life. It is shocking to see how the social media users have the full right to put whatever they want on the screen, despite its misleading information that does not represent the real person behind those avatars.

The information problem, then, has always been quite an issue for those fans of the new world. Many have started to show the symptoms of trust issues due to the lack of a strong guarantee about who they are talking to across the online world. While it is true that we cannot blame them for putting fake personal data, many have testified that it is one of the many ways that help them with their self-identity problems. One reason, they can be whoever they want on the screens.

Is It Possible to Overcome It?

Another depressing fact about such issues is that the problems will always exist as long as the users are not aware of how dangerous it is to put their misleading information. The social media inventors have taken many prevention acts by adding some extra layers of security questions to provide a safer interaction. However, many experts are still doubtful about how effective it could be without raising the users’ awareness. Just like many would say, it sounds like an almost impossible thing to do, doesn’t it?…