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What Equipment Do You Need To Start a Podcast?

Podcasts have numerous benefits, such as convenience because people can listen as they go about their work or when driving or commuting. Besides, the shows are easy to create and need low costs because even with a smartphone, one can launch their show. However, it would be suitable as you start a podcast to invest in some equipment because they will enhance your shows’ quality, make you professional, and enable you to monetize your podcast. Let’s look at some of the equipment you may need to invest in as you enter the podcasting world.

An Excellent Microphone

a micSince a podcast’s backbone is the audio, you cannot afford to compromise on it at all. While your audience may overlook many other aspects of your show, low-quality audio is almost unforgivable. For the best quality audios, you need to avoid your computer’s built-in mic and instead get a dedicated one.

Moreover, you can decide to work on more sound control and even superior audio by getting a mixer to complement the microphone. Also, get the right accessories like the cables to connect the mixer and the mic and others.

Quality Headphones

Besides a microphone, a quality pair of headphones is a must-have piece of technology if you want to produce a binge-worthy podcast. It would help if you had headphones to hear your guests in a crystal clear way. Other than for interviewing, you need headphones to do your editing.

Pop Filters

a microphone with a pop filterYou will need a pop filter to block the unwanted “popping” sounds that result from harsh consonants like “p” and “b”. The pop filter or windscreen also prevents the air emanating from your breathe from blowing against the microphone. The filter improves the audio quality making all the letters properly audible.


It is no brainer that for your recording and uploading MP3 files you need a computer. Although most people will use their ordinary computers for the podcasting work, it would be better to invest in a specialized computer that can manage all the tasks you throw at it. Since the functions need a lot of graphic power and RAM, it would be best to get at least a laptop with 16GB RAM.

Mic Stands

When you have placed and positioned your mic properly, it will significantly enhance your posture and sound quality. You need to invest in a right boom arm or mic stand to enable you to move the mic to the best and comfortable positions quickly. The boom will also allow you to put the mic away from your desk to free up space but still have it within reach if you need it.

There is also other crucial equipment for your podcast, for example, a headphone amplifier to take care of when you have several hosts. Acoustic treatment to reduce echo in recording areas is also vital.…