AC travel adapter

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Travel Adapter

The world awaits you behind your door, but not always with electrical outlets! Indeed, there is no universal standard in this area, so you will need a plug adapter when traveling abroad to connect your electrical devices.

AC travel adapterA travel power adapter makes it possible to use an electrical device regardless of the country you are traveling to, as wall outlets have different shapes in different countries. It plays the intermediary with on one side a male part suitable for the electricity supplier country and, on the other, a female socket, in which you can insert the plug of your electrical device.

Different countries have their types of travel adapters. There are also universal travel adapters that can be used for several countries, Europe, for example, or even the whole world.

Criteria for Choosing a Travel Adapter

While the basic principle is similar for all adapters, all are different. This can be even more important depending on the country you are going to travel to. Several factors must be taken into account to make your choice.

The Type of Equipment to Be Connected

You will need to lookAC travel adapter at what devices you will take with you and what type of sockets they have. The 6 A travel adapters are designed for devices with male electrical two-pin plugs. They do not have an earth connection. The travel adapters 16 A are required for devices with male sockets having two blades and a hole. This type of travel adapters is versatile because it works in all cases.

Electric Voltage

It is not the same in most countries. For example, it is 110 V in the United States, Canada, and Central and South America, 100 V in Japan, or even 240 V in Great Britain. An adapter does not change the electrical voltage!

If the electrical device is not compatible with the voltage of the country of destination, you will have to opt for another device, the voltage converter. This will have the role of transforming the local electrical voltage into another compatible with your electrical device.


Most countriestravel adapter worldwide use a frequency of 50 Hz, but not all: the United States, Canada, and Japan operate at 60 Hz. In addition to your adapter, you may need a transformer to make sure the current is compatible with your device. Consider these essential factors to choose the best travel adapter.…